Efficient Links provides integrated solutions of design, construction and interior design for offices, housing, commercial spaces, leisure facilities and industrial spaces.

With a team in operation since 1995, we built up, over two decades, a range of expertise and innovation recognized by customers in Portugal, Africa and South America.

In 2015, Efficient Links initiates activity in the UK to provide renovation services, interior design, architectural projects and Design & Build solutions with the same commitment to quality and to the satisfaction of its customers.



Be recognized as a General Contractor in the businesses of renovation, interior design and design & build by good quality tenders, on time delivery and customer focus.


Ensure the best solutions in terms of design, construction and interior design.

Honor, unconditionally, the trust and preference of our customers.

Safety is non negotiable.

Be the preferred choice for  partners and suppliers on behalf of transparency, ethics and enduring alliances.

Maximizing long-term return in a thoughtful and sustainable way, while providing best value’ to our customers, staff and supply chain.

Value chain enhancement

Innovating in the relationship with suppliers, we work systematically in the selecting the best partners, even across borders, obtaining greater productivity, quality and cost reduction.


In order to continuously achieve our goals, we conduct a thorough analysis of the critical factors of each project, through stress-tested and refined Project Management tools, predicting in advance issues that may impact on their progress thus working on their timely resolution.


Maintaining optimum levels of sustainability is part of our essence and is in all of our processes, activities and procedures either within our own offices and each of our construction sites, from design concept to final handover to the client.